The Most Beautiful Small Towns In Every State

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For RVers in search of adventure and tranquility, these beautiful small towns offer unique experiences that connect you with the essence of American life. Enjoy the charm of lesser-known America, where each town has a story to tell and beauty to share. These quaint small towns are the perfect inspiration for your next RV adventure, promising memories that will last a lifetime. On this voyage, we invite you to explore the soul of these small American towns.

Small Towns To Visit On Your Next RV Trip


Visit These Beautiful Small Towns In Every State A-F

Mooresville, Alabama

If history is your forte, we have found a treat for you. Deep in northern Alabama, visitors can find the small historic town of Mooresville. This town is the oldest incorporated town in Alabama, with a population of 53 people. A visit here will make you feel as if you’ve taken a trip back in time, with the majority of the buildings in their original housing from 1818. We suggest visiting the Brick Church and the oldest operating Post Office in the state. Take a guided tour with other visitors or explore the tree-canopied streets at your own leisure. However, if you choose to visit this town, plan your vacation over Christmas so you can enjoy the town’s Holiday Progressive Dinner.

Petersburg Borough, Alaska

Alaska is scattered with picture-perfect small towns, each with its own unique culture, which made choosing just one difficult. However, offering a wide variety of different activities and opportunities, the town of Petersburg came out on top. This beautiful small town’s coastal location makes it a great destination. Here, you will have the chance to catch Halibut in world-famous waters and set sail to view the LaConte Glacier. Witness the breathtaking icebergs that break off and soar into the air, locally known as ‘shooters.

The area is also known for the curious seals and pups that roam the water offshore. For those who want to stay on the land, there is no shortage of things to do! More commonly referred to as “Little Norway,” downtown has an array of cultures and traditions. Take a day to hike one of the many trails the area is home to or tidepool at Sandy Beach Park. Whatever activities you plan to engage in here, we guarantee there will never be a dull moment.

Le Conte Glacier area in beautiful small town of Petersburg Borough, Alaska
The historic Oatman Hotel sign in the beautiful small town of Oatman, Arizona

Oatman, Arizona

Oatman is an old gold rush town that used donkeys to transport tools, gear and miners. The donkeys seen here are direct descendants of those old gold rush donkeys. The town remains reminiscent of its gold rush glory days, making it a popular stop for those traveling along Route 66. If you’re looking for an authentic Wild West experience on your next adventure, Oatman is the small town for you. The ghost town was originally founded in the late 1800s and struck gold in the early 1900s. The town continued to produce over 36 million dollars worth of gold from the two mines nearby until they were shut down in 1924. However, Oatman stayed on the map because Route 66 was born. Today, the town remains one of the only authentic ghost towns in the United States. You can shop in the markets that line the streets and interact with the wild burros that make this area their home. Be sure to plan ahead if you are driving an RV, as parking is limited.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Over 60 natural springs and waters are found in this beautiful small town at the base of the Ozark Mountains. Legend says that the water of many of these mystical springs contained the ability to grant miracle cures.  Visitors come from far and wide to this small town to experience the renewing springs. Other than the springs, the area offers beautiful back roads and trails that visitors frequent as well. The diversity of this town doesn’t stop at the nature. Take a day downtown and enjoy the artistic vibe that the city offers as well. Known as the heart of Arkansas Art Trail, the area is scattered with many galleries with aspiring artists. Visit one of the Second Saturday Art Strolls and support local artists. Create the perfect mixture of culture on your trip to this small town.

Carpinteria, California

Nestled on the California coast between Santa Monica and Santa Barbara, the beautiful small town of Carpinteria offers a unique experience for visitors. The beach here is referred to as “the world’s safest beach” due to the absence of rip tides. Surfers and casual beachgoers alike are sure to appreciate all the pristine waters and sandy shores have to offer. Go looking for sea shells in the Tar Pits or wildlife in the Nature Preserve.  After your day at the beach, take a stroll down main street and enjoy all the local cafes and shops. Visitors can also choose to take a break from the beach and explore the many farms, nurseries and ranches that line the mountainside.

Crested Butte, Colorado

Known as ‘The Gateway to the Elk Mountains,’ the small Colorado town of Crested Butte was once home to the Ute Indians. It was later taken over to become a local center for coal mining. Now, the small mining town has transformed into the home of a well-known ski resort. During winter, visitors can choose from an array of winter sports that include skiing and snowboarding. Locals call their home the “last great Colorado ski town.” However, we think this town offers much more than that. During the summer months, the mountain biking trails open and the town hosts a variety of festivals. Visitors will also be able to enjoy the vast fields of wildflowers that line the streets and mountainsides.

Niantic Beach Railroad Bridge aerial view in a cloudy day between Niantic River

Niantic, Connecticut

Located on the Long Island Sound, this coastal Connecticut small town ranges a total of 3.5 square miles and is part of the larger area known as East Lyme. Located in the middle of the drive from Boston to New York, this town is accessible and close to the big cities as well. Visitors love the combination of the beach getaway feel with the quaint small town stores and history. The most popular activity in Niantic is the mile-long boardwalk that lines the beach and overlooks the beautiful Long Island sound. Visitors will never be bored here as there are so many ways to experience nature and history.

Smyrna, Delaware

The beautiful small town of Smyrna takes pride in honoring the past and its origins while being aware of the present and looking to the future. The town has visitors satisfied in their search for the perfect small town in the northeast. Located between Duck Creek and Lake Como, the nature and scenery that fills this town is unlike any other. For nature lovers, this town is also home to the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, which offers amazing flora and fauna sightings from their salt marshes.

Mt. Dora, Florida

While you may recognize Mt. Dora’s name, chances are you never knew what a small town it truly is. This beautiful town is conveniently located in central Florida, just an hour away from Orlando. The streets downtown are lined with local cafes, shops, and picture-perfect photo ops. Stroll the streets after attending one of the many festivals, or enjoy Florida’s wildlife. 

Lake Dora is the “Bass Capital of the World” and is the perfect destination for people who love fishing. If you want to explore the lake, opt to take the “by air, land and sea” tour. This tour gives you an up-close experience of the lake from a seaplane, a train, and a boat. You also have the opportunity to sail down the canal to participate in some of the state’s best ecotourism. With so many different options for activities, the whole family is bound to enjoy this beautiful small town!

Historic Starr's Mill on Whitewater Creek in Fayetteville, Georgia

Beautiful Small Towns in States G-K

Fayetteville, Georgia

This small town in Georgia holds just the escape you’ve been searching for. Located south of Atlanta, Fayetteville is the perfect escape from the big city. Our favorite site to visit here is the historic Starr’s Mill on Whitewater Creek banks. The mill was originally built in 1866 and was last rebuilt in 1907 to be used as a water-powered turbine. The mill ground corn, operated a sawmill and provided electricity to nearby towns. Today, visitors love having picnics and photoshoots at the site. Visitors can even catch a glimpse of local wildlife in the warmer seasons. The iconic red mill creates the perfect setting for your next family RV trip.

Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii

If a tropical small town getaway is your ideal destination, we have found just the town for you. Located on the North Shore of Oahu, Haleiwa is one of the best-known surfing destinations around the world. Visit in the winter and enjoy the iconic waves that earned this small town the title of “Surfing Capital of the World.” During these months, visitors can watch (and participate if desired) in daily surf competitions and enjoy the excitement that fills the town.

During spring and summer, visitors will find this small town exhibiting a much more laid-back atmosphere. Lay out on the beach or try your hand at surfing the milder waves that line the shore this time of year. A trip to Haleiwa Joe’s for a meal is necessary during your stay to experience the legendary local cuisine. Whether you choose to explore the shore or the sea on your trip here, the sights and activities are guaranteed to have you wanting to move to Hawaii.

Three canoes on Stanley Lake Idaho in summer

Stanley, Idaho

Stanley has a population of 63 and offers a variety of activities and adventures. Visitors have biking, climbing, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, skiing, rafting and motorsports all at their fingertips when visiting this town. Local places to stay include RV parks, camping, cabins and hotels. And just when you thought this small town couldn’t get any better, the town is also known for its incredible dining and shopping options. Get away to the mountains and experience authentic small town life as it was meant to be.

Galena, Illinois

If you are looking to take a trip out west, Galena, Indiana, is often referred to as the best city to visit in the Midwest. Here, you can find a variety of arts, nature and experiences that create the unique ambiance that fills the area. Foodies love this destination for its vast noteworthy restaurants, wineries, breweries and culinary school. If you love scenery and nature, there are plenty of activities here. Hiking, biking and kayaking are all offered in the area. But if you are an adventurer at heart, we know just the activity you need to sign up for. The town offers hot air balloon rides and rentals to experience the views from above.

New Harmony, Indiana

Consider visiting New Harmony, Indiana, if you are looking for a serene stay in a beautiful small town. This small town has a greenery-filled setting that is bound to provide relaxation to anyone. They take pride in their “best-kept secret gardens.” Originally created by a town member, Jane Owen, all of these green getaways are hand-planted and landscaped with a calming atmosphere in mind. Find your peace at any of the destinations. If you are planning to visit, download this beautiful small town’s app to plan your own walking tour.

Bentonsport, Iowa

Located in the Des Moines River, Bentonsport, Iowa, is a small town completely designated as a National Historic District. With almost every building maintaining its 1800s architecture, visitors experience a trip back in time. Go shopping at the old Dutchman’s Store and buy some sweet treats at Addie May Fudge and Antiques. Alternatively, learn the town’s history in depth at the Addie May Green Hotel Museum. Take a walk through the rose garden or a stroll along the old truss bridge that crosses the river. History buffs are bound to love this gem of a small town.

 A painted sign directs visitors to historic Old Abilene Town

Abilene, Kansas

Booming with loads of history, this small town is a destination you have to add to your list. Abilene, Kansas, is most famous for being the town where President Dwight D. Eisenhower grew up. Throughout town, visitors can find museums dedicated to him, as well as memoirs and his grave. You can take a train ride through town with the kids. And take in all the sights the small town has to offer. Visit mansions and museums during the day and enjoy a night out at Old Abilene Town. Here, you can dance or watch a show or a gunfight. This town will surely offer an old-time American hometown experience to all its guests.

Greenville, Kentucky

Greenville is the perfect southern small town to visit on your next trip! Green hills and forests line this hospitable town. Historical buildings and tales line the streets, while pristine parks line the neighboring lake. Visitors have the opportunity to take a picnic at the park and enjoy the local wildlife or learn about the town’s history. Downtown, you will find the Muhlenberg County Courthouse. Locals love the history hidden within its walls. Originally built in 1907, this courthouse has undergone renovations and remodels to bring it to the beauty that stands today. Visitors have a chance to explore the grounds while experiencing history firsthand.

Rosedown Plantation in St Francisville Louisiana

Hidden Gems in States L-P

St. Francisville, Louisiana

The small town of St. Francisville offers an abundant history that has been kept in perfect condition. Throughout the streets, visitors can find six authentic plantations and tour the grounds of each. The town’s historic district holds old shops, homes, churches and offices that contribute to the small town feel. Drive to the Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge to disconnect from your fast-paced life and reconnect with nature. This refuge is home to the national bald cypress tree, which has been named as one of the largest trees in North America, falling second only to the California Redwoods.

Kennebunkport, Maine

The beautiful seaside small town of Kennebunkport in Maine has everything you need for the perfect getaway. Relax on one of the three beaches in the area, or take a charter out on the sea to fish. But if fishing isn’t your forte, you can also sign up for guided boat tours. The locals offer lobster tours, whale-watching tours, and so much more. Every traveler is bound to find something they enjoy. We suggest taking a day to stroll the streets and experience the interesting architecture that lines the river and beach. Our favorite advantage of this town is that it stays beautiful year-round, so no matter what season you choose to visit, there will always be plenty of activities.

Oakland, Maryland

If you’re looking for a town to spend a couple of days escaping from the big city, we found just the place for you. Oakland, Maryland, offers a small-town atmosphere with both history and nature packed around each corner. The area is home to both Deep Creek Lake and Swallow Falls State Park. At the state park, visitors can hike and explore the miles of trails while taking in the picture-perfect waterfalls. And a trip to the lake offers endless activities, including boating, tubing and jet skiing when the weather permits. Plus, let’s not forget the local food. Who doesn’t love breakfast foods? Here, Wendy’s Towne Restaurant is the place you have to be in the mornings. We suggest visiting in the fall to see the leaves change colors.

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

The streets of Stockbridge hold old brick buildings and vintage mansions from the 1800’s. Artists have gathered inspiration from this small town’s sights and atmosphere. With plenty of bed and breakfast inns and resorts around town, choosing a place to stay will be the hardest part of your trip here. After you arrive, take a relaxing stroll through Berkshire Botanical Garden or visit one of the many museums around town. If you’re seeking to get active, the area is surrounded by trails perfect for exploration. Sports like skiing, whitewater rafting, and golfing are also readily available for participation.

Leland, Michigan

More commonly known as Fishtown, this small Michigan town feels like a glimpse into another world. Our favorite part about this little gem of a town is that all the shops are built out on docks over Lake Michigan. Walk down the docks, grab a bite to eat or take in the sights on the overlook bridge. Nearby, you can walk down to the well-known Vans Beach and enjoy a peaceful walk on the pristine shore. Perfect scenery and beautiful weather will be a part of the memories made here. We suggest bringing your camera along to capture this unique small town.

Lanesboro, Minnesota

Lanesboro, Minnesota, is a traditional small town with no chain stores or restaurants. Visitors come here to escape their daily routine and retreat into simplicity. Life in this small Root River Valley town consists of enjoying the surrounding nature and enjoying the community-driven atmosphere. While originally settled in the mid-1800s, this town didn’t become known until the 1970s when the local railroad was turned into a nature trail. This town is now known for the unique way its travelers arrive – by canoe, foot, bike, or skis. Once in town, enjoy the local stores, art centers and museums.

Windsor Ruins in Mississippi

Port Gibson, Mississippi

Nestled in the heart of the Civil War zone, this town is known for being the place that General Ulysses S. Grant spared under the feeling that it was “too beautiful to burn.” The town is home to two well-known architectural anomalies. Now known as the Windsor Ruins, the first of these was a Greek Revival mansion. While the beautiful house survived the Civil War, it was destroyed in 1890 due to a fire. Now, all that stands is 23 columns, the railways and iron stairs. Visitors will commonly find the site unoccupied despite its popularity. The town also holds Bethel Church, which is known for “The Hand Pointing to Heaven.” The site has been remodeled but still retains its original charm. Your visit here is sure to give you a trip back into the Civil War era.

Arrow Rock, Missouri

This unique small town holds significance in the history of westward expansion. Arrow Rock has stops on both the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and the Santa Fe National Historic Trail. Visitors find that this town exhibits its traditional 19th-century appearance. You can walk to the visitor’s center to find the right experience for you to participate in. Retrace the steps of famous explorers by following the trails or walking down to the banks of the Missouri River. An elaborate recount of what life was like for those who dared to take the trip out west can be found downtown.

Columbia Falls, Montana

Known as the “Gateway to Glacier Park,” the beautiful small town of Columbia Falls has no shortage of activities or sights to see. Whether you are planning on journeying inside the park or want a cozier experience, this town offers it all. Golf resorts, water parks and wineries alike, the range of things to do here will never leave you bored. The Montana Vortex is in our opinion the most unique outing this this town contains. Here, a scientific anomaly occurs where the push and pull of gravity seem a bit different. Step down the trail into the vortex house and experience something new. Explore nature through Bad Rock Canyon nearby. In colder weather, the water features will freeze over, creating a small slice of a winter wonderland.

Chadron, Nebraska

Chadron is the perfect destination for explorers at heart and nature lovers looking to experience something new. Located between Chadron State Park, Nebraska National Forest, Oglala National Grasslands and Toadstool Geological National Park, this small town gives visitors access to a variety of natural adventures. Once home to the Oglala Sioux Tribe and Cheyenne, this area was historically revered as a profitable hunting ground. A trading post was eventually implemented in the area. Now, the Museum of Fur Trade sits there, telling the stories of the area’s fruitful hunting. The designated lands in the area allow visitors to experience multiple different sights and ecosystems while the geological grounds hold historical excavation significance. We suggest exploring the surrounding area on your trip here. You won’t regret it.

Storm Light on the Badlands of Toadstool Geologic Park in Nebraska

Lovelock, Nevada

The small town of Lovelock offers an abundance of activities for travelers looking for a rest stop. The Central Pacific Railroad depot is a popular entertaining and historical excursion within the town. Nearby, the Rye Patch State Recreation Area is described as being an “oasis in the desert.” The area is known for the common sightings of interesting wildlife. It is a great destination for those campers looking to fish and have nature picnics. However, Lover’s Lock Plaza is our favorite destination in this small, beautiful town. Here, visitors are encouraged to write lovers’ names on a lock and attach it to the chain that runs around the area. It’s a little slice of Paris here in the United States.

Littleton, New Hampshire

Littleton, New Hampshire, can be found on the banks of the Ammonoosuc River. This small town’s location creates a unique scenery worth visiting. How could you go wrong with the White mountains in the background? The iconic red sawmill sits on the pathway that runs along the river that was once a well-traversed commerce route. Recently, the town has undergone improvements to nature trails and is working toward making visitors’ experiences the best possible. The downtown area is flourishing with community and success. We suggest cooling off here in the summer or watching the leaves change colors here in the fall.

Clinton, New Jersey

Clinton, New Jersey, is home to the original Red Mill, which stands today as one of the most photographed buildings in America. However, you would never guess that this mill made its home in such a small town. The city behind the photograph holds the state’s smallest and most compact Main Street. Restaurants and shops line the sides of the street featuring local treats. The distance from one end to the other is easily walkable. The adjacent bank of the river also holds a second, lesser-known mill. Together, the mills put this small town on the map during the industrial era. If you can on visiting, be sure to bring your camera to replicate the iconic mill shot.

El Santuario De Chimayo historic Church in New Mexico

Chimayó, New Mexico

Chimayó is a community located at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico. Originally, this community was founded as a Spanish settlement in the 17th century. The settlers created a fortified plaza coined San Buenaventura. Today, the plaza is known as Plaza del Cerro. The area remains the only fortified plaza in the United States. Traditions, including making red chile and woven works, brought the area recognition. The site is also recognized as a place where miracles can occur, covered in sacred dirt. While you’re here, visit one of the most popular pilgrimage spots, the Santuario de Nuestro Señor de Esquipulas. Visitors are also encouraged to explore the nearby mountains on their trip here.

Saranac Lake, New York

Take a trip outside the normal and visit Saranac Lake, a small town in the Adirondacks. Located in the middle of Adirondack Park, there couldn’t be a better option for your peaceful getaway. Stay right on the lake to experience the serene scene across the water or take a hike to explore the mountains nearby. If you have kids or enjoy taking the scenic route, we suggest hopping aboard the Adirondack Scenic Railroad. The track will weave you over the river and through the woods to get an up-close look at the local wildlife.

Manteo, North Carolina

This small island on the coast of North Carolina holds the history of the Outer Banks without the crowded streets. The town of Manteo shares the island of Roanoke with its sister town of Wanchese. The area holds endless exploration, with a large portion of the island designated as historical and state land. Grab a bite to eat at Big Al’s, and then stroll the boardwalk to experience all the local stores. You can even take a drive over the bridge for a day in the Outer Banks. We suggest visiting the island in the summer to see the world’s largest outdoor drama, The Lost Colony. The drama recounts a tale of what could have happened to the settlement of Roanoke. The family is bound to enjoy this outing.

New Salem, North Dakota

The beautiful small town of New Salem is just 30 miles outside North Dakota’s state capital, Bismarck. With strong community ties, this town exhibits a friendliness like no other. Take a stroll downtown and visit the many museums that tell the stories of westward expansion. The town is rich in culture and history that visitors are encouraged to explore. Our favorite part of this small town is the interesting statue it is known for. “Salem Sue” is a 38-foot fiberglass cow that stands perched on School Hill. Visitors can walk up to the cow, take some pictures, marvel at its enormity, or take a view of the rolling hills. Either way, your trip here is bound to be an interesting one.

Marblehead, Ohio

Marblehead, Ohio, is a small town that sits at the tip of the Marblehead Peninsula, where Lake Erie and the Sandusky Bay meet. Here, visitors can experience an area filled with local finds and limestone-lined beaches. The point of the peninsula is also home to the United State’s oldest functional lighthouse that continues to warn sailors of shallow waters. With numerous parks and preserves in the area, the town takes pride in its native flora and fauna.

In late spring, visitors to the Lakeside Daisy State Nature Preserve can find fields of the rarest daisies in the world, the Lakeside Daisy. While this beautiful small town is typically crowded in the summer, it has a quieter, homey feel when the tourist season ends. However, no matter what season you visit this small town, you will always be met with beautiful sights and fun adventures.

Bison at Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma

Medicine Park, Oklahoma

Sitting right on the outskirts of the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, Medicine Park, Oklahoma, is the perfect small town for a weekend away. The town is filled with beautiful, incomparable scenery. Downtown holds Bath Lake, where visitors have the chance to swim during hot summer days. Over the lake, there is a beautiful bridge that is part of a nature walk. With the proper permit, visitors can spend their time here at the primitive camping site. All of the natural features this town has to offer make it the ideal place to disconnect and reset.

Silverton, Oregon

Known as “Oregon’s Garden City,” this small town is filled to the brim with natural adventures just waiting to be explored. Silver Falls State Park neighbors the city, providing a green getaway to explore. The park boasts a total of 24 miles of walking trails, 14 miles of horseback trails and 4 miles of bike trails. Inside the park, while walking the trails, you can find 18 waterfalls. An 80-acre botanical park known as the Oregon Garden is also within the small town and is filled with native flora and fauna. This town is guaranteed to be nothing short of picturesque, so be sure to pack your camera and hiking boots.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Doylestown is the small town that Henry Chapman Mercer called home. As an archeologist and architect, Mercer brought everything he learned back to this town. He created the iconic Fonthill Palace, a concrete European-style home that holds 44 rooms. In the town, visitors can also find the Mercer Museum, which holds Henry Mercer’s prized possessions from all over the globe. The museum showcases American life before the Industrial Revolution. This town is also the perfect escape for artists, housing multiple studios and galleries for you to explore.

Find Your Next Getaway in these Small Towns in States Q-U

Jamestown, Rhode Island

The small Rhode Island town of Jamestown contains the Islands of Conanicut Island, Dutch Island and Gould Island. While Dutch Island and Gould Island are uninhabited, Conanicut Island has a small, thriving population that makes this small town their home. The beauty of this area comes in the combination of history with nature. Originally settled in the 1600’s, this town contains stories that span centuries. Later, the town played a significant role in the American Revolution, the Civil War and the World Wars. “Now, visitors are welcome to explore the historical sites and museums. You can also take a day trip out to the uninhabited islands to experience the abandoned remains of Fort Greble.

Bluffton, South Carolina

Coined the “last true coastal village of the South,” Bluffton, South Carolina, offers visitors a unique beach getaway. Culture and heritage line the streets of this beautiful small town. Visit downtown and experience the history and are that can be found in the galleries and museums across the town. The heart of Lowcountry houses a local Farmers’ Market every Thursday, giving visitors and locals alike the chance to interact and create a community spirit. Nearby, adventure seekers can find the May River as a playground for exploration. Take a kayak into the marshes, look for the bottlenose dolphins that roam the area, bird watch and so much more here. No matter what kind of small town vacation you want, this is sure to meet your expectations.

Deadwood, South Dakota

This small town is unique because while it has significant history, tradition, and culture, Deadwood has modern activities that will entertain history buffs and explorers. The town has a history dating back to the outlaws, gunslingers and gamblers of the late 1800’s. The town holds Wild West reenactments and a vibrant nightlife. Home to over 80 gaming halls, the casinos and gambling adventures that await you here are truly endless. The streets are lined with different local shops, while the outskirts of the town are lined with numerous outdoor activities. Plus, take one of the experiential tours if you can’t decide what to do.

Sign marking the location where Wild Bill Hickok was shot in Deadwood, South Dakota

Morristown, Tennessee

Morristown, Tennessee, is located near the Smoky Mountains and is a beautiful RV destination. Originally the home of Davy Crockett, the beautiful small town now has a museum dedicated to the famous frontiersman. The town is also known as Tennessee’s Disk Golf Capital. So grab your disks and head out to practice on the four championship courses that are scattered throughout the town. Our favorite part about this city is the two-tier sidewalk that spans the majority of the downtown area. Experience a walk on the second floor of the city in the only town in the United States that offers this unique feature.

Wimberley, Texas

Nestled in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas, Wimberley sits in a central area, an hour outside of Austin and San Antonio. This small town became well-loved among locals for its incredible natural beauty. Cypress Creek is a visitor and local favorite for the scenery that is found there. We suggest planning your trip here during the summer so you can take a dip in Blue Hole. Visitors can hike up the 200 steps that scale the side of the Old Baldy Ridge. From the top, hikers can get an incredible view of the vast Hill Country. And don’t miss your chance to explore the multiple art galleries, including the Wimberley Glass Works.

Mona, Utah

At the base of Mt. Nebo in Utah, Visitors can find a small town that is covered in rolling fields. The area is known for the large amounts of lavender it produces and the beautiful fields that line the town. The farms hold festivals and Lavender Days every year, where visitors can participate in endless farm events and learn about the lavender crop. We suggest visiting in the middle of summer to see the fields in full bloom. If lavender isn’t your cup of tea, there’s also the Burraston Ponds, where you can reel in the perfect catch.

Killington Ski Resort in Vermont

Visit Enchanting Small Towns in States V-Z

Chester, Vermont

The small town of Chester is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in two different areas. The combination of granite buildings integrated into colonial architecture creates a unique atmosphere that allows the town to feel small and homey. Visitors are often adventure seekers who wish to stay away from the resort setting. Within the close vicinity, travelers can find areas to participate in outdoor activities. Mount Killington, Mount Snow, and Okemo are all within a short drive from the beautiful town. If you are looking for a way to explore the area without the crowd, we suggest setting up base camp here to avoid the business of resorts. If you have an extra day and love to take in the sights around you, consider a day trip on the Green Mountain Flyer Scenic Railroad. Let it take you on a breathtaking journey through the forest and over the mountains.

Chincoteague, Virginia

Chincoteague is the perfect RV destination for those with an adventurous soul. The 7-mile island is lined with local stores and offers experiences you won’t find anywhere else. The area became well known after the book Misty of Chincoteague was published. The story recounts the annual Chincoteague Island Pony Swim. Each year, wild ponies on Assateague Island in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge are corralled and set free to swim across the waterway to Chincoteague Island. The event occurs every year in the summer, so we suggest making sure you plan ahead on this trip. Visitors can also take boat tours over to Assateague Island and relax on the pristine beaches or traverse the empty trails.

tulip fields blooming at the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

La Conner, Washington

Voted the most perfect Washington State getaway, La Conner, Washington, is the perfect destination to spend your next vacation days. This small town is a great mix between business and the ideal escape. With so much going on, visitors will never have a dull moment. Fine dining and local eats await you throughout downtown and the coast. Take a day trip to the San Juan Islands or take boat tours around the area. We suggest going during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, which typically takes place during April.

Shepherdstown, West Virginia

This small town is located on the banks of the Potomac River and serves as a cultural and historical playground. Located a little over an hour outside of Washington, D.C., this area holds numerous Civil War battle sites. History buffs will enjoy seeing the battlefield and love visiting all the local museums and wartime reenactments. The town is still decorated with preserved architecture to give visitors an authentic idea of the Civil War Era. When you aren’t exploring history or living out the past, you can relax in a local cafe for a meal or a warm beverage.

Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Cedarburg is a small town in Wisconsin just waiting to be explored. Its streets are lined with unique architecture and natural accents. The historical limestone buildings are laced with green vines covering the side. In town, you can find art galleries, museums, and the General Store Museum, which recounts the town’s history. Take a day and visit the local winery or shop at the stores. We suggest scheduling your trip here during the Christmas season. So you can see the extravagant decorations that line the stores the entire season. However, if you would rather stay home for the holidays, mark one of their irresistible festivals down on your calendar.

Dubois, Wyoming

With the slogan, “remote, yet remarkable,” how could you go wrong with making Dubois, Wyoming, your next small town destination? This old western town claims to have the authentic feel of the Frontier while still offering many fun activities. You can explore the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park or learn about the town’s history. The nearby mountains are an anomaly – possibly the only place in the world that holds 3 different formations of mountains. The Rocky Mountains in the town are also the site of ongoing archaeological discoveries. Take a hiking trip, go horseback for an exploration or go fishing on the lake.

 Explore beautiful small towns in your RV

As RVers, we love exploring less traveled routes and small towns away from the city hustle. Our exploration of the most beautiful small towns in every state has unveiled a world brimming with quaint charm and natural beauty. From the historical allure of Mooresville, Alabama, to the breathtaking landscapes of Crested Butte, Colorado, each of these unique destinations has its own distinct tale and lure. Next time you’re planning your RV route, include some of these stunning locations on your itinerary for more small town charm.

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