RV Cooking for Two

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RV cooking for two people can be a chore for many reasons. RVers often struggle with limited space, deciding what to cook, lack of preparedness, and cooking too much food for two people. Overcoming these hindrances can bring back the joy of cooking on the road. We have some ideas here that can help you make cooking for two in your RV more fun and delicious with simple tips and fun recipes to inspire you to keep cooking!

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Cooking for only two, small space for storage and cooking….makes you want to eat out? As great as it sounds, health and budget really do play into the decision to eat out vs. cook in the camper. So, what to do when you are faced with this dilemma? Well, find some great recipes and tips to make it easier! Armed with everything you need, you can easily overcome all of the obstacles of RV cooking for two people!

RV Cooking for Two Tips & Tricks

Let’s start by going over some of the simple tips and tricks to make cooking in your camper easier! No matter if you are cooking for two or twenty, these can be used to elevate your camper cooking routine.

Working Around Limited Kitchen Space in Your RV

Most RVs have a small kitchen space. We know that when we purchase our rigs. But it is an ongoing process of learning and refining our cooking skills in an RV.

Many of the kitchen appliances and cooking tools you are used to using in your sticks and bricks home are going to be too bulky to store in your small RV kitchen. This means you will likely have to get all new RV kitchen essentials if you plan to camp and cook often.  When purchasing these new essentials, make sure you get multi-use items and smaller versions of your essentials.

As you get used to cooking in your tiny kitchen, you will start to see exactly what you do and do not need. You’ll also start to rethink your methods of cooking. Start thinking about grilling outside more, or using your instant pot instead of the tiny stove. Many recipes can be tweaked and converted into different cooking methods.

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Deciding What to Cook for Only Two People

You can have all the right supplies in your RV kitchen and still not enjoy or feel successful in your cooking endeavors. Meal planning is one of those things that can hinder your desire to cook if not done ahead of time. Waiting to decide what to eat in the moment, especially while camping, can easily lead to ordering a pizza or hitting up a local restaurant.

Planning your camper meals ahead of time will save you time, money, and a lot of frustration. We have a full guide on RV meal planning that you can check out to make the process super simple.

If you need help deciding on what meals to cook for your adventure, check out Pinterest for a whole wealth of recipe ideas.

Cooking too Much for Two People

Cooking for only two people can be super stressful. Most recipes are based on feeding a family. When you are used to cooking for a family, its difficult to get used to preparing less.

One option is to use a site like Plan to Eat. This lets you to put in your own recipes, then edit the servings up or down to whatever you need them to be. It will even generate a shopping list for you! They make the whole process super simple.

Another option is to cook a family-sized meal, freeze it, and save it for later! This is helpful for long trips. You will ensure you have food ready to go whenever you want. Just heat it up! No nightly cooking needed. Pop your frozen dish in the oven and enjoy your company and camping trip!

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Navigating Small Fridge Syndrome

All of the tips above also overcome another obstacle: small fridge syndrome.  Not everyone has a full-size fridge in their RV.  If you meal plan and shop just for your weekly items, you will reduce food waste, save money and save space in your refrigerator.

If you plan to cook extra and freeze or refrigerate for later, simply make sure your fridge is cleaned out and ready for your containers. Check to make sure you have proper-sized containers too. There is nothing worse than trying to fit a large tub in a too-small fridge. 

Planning is key when it comes to RV cooking for two. At first, it will feel like a challenge, but with a little time and effort, you will be an expert camp chef in no time. Cooking for two in your RV doesn’t have to be challenging. Using these great tools to meal plan, save money, space and reduce waste can be a win-win! You might even enjoy getting food on the table again!

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