7 Must Haves for RVing with Cats

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RVing with cats: cat lays in window of camper

Considering going on an RV adventure with your cat? It’s not uncommon to see RVers roaming around with their canine friends in tow, but traveling felines tend to be a little more rare. While it may seem overwhelming to get your kitty to relax in a totally different environment like an RV, its totally doable. RVing with cats may take some preparation, but the reward of adventuring with your cat is well worth the effort. We’ve compiled a list of a few items that will make traveling in your RV with your cat smoother than ever. 

Window Hammock

Window perch for a cat in an RV

The biggest thing you want to do when RVing with cats is make them as comfortable as possible. For cats, that usually means having a spot where they can perch and survey their kingdom. In an RV, you likely won’t have room for a full cat condo like you would in a sticks and bricks home. That doesn’t mean you can’t provide your feline friend with a favorite spot to hang out – literally! A suction cup window hammock for your cat is a great way to maximize space and still provide them with a comfy spot for a cat nap.

This cat window perch attaches to your RV windows and can be put up and taken down with ease whenever you need to close the shades or put your RV in motion. Your cat will enjoy having a spot all its own where it can sit above all the action in your rig and observe all that’s going on outside as well.

Calming Plugins

Calming cat diffuser for RV

If you’re a cat owner, you know cats can get stressed fairly easily when they’re outside of their normal routine. While slowly getting your cat accustomed to time in the RV by taking them in gradually increasing amounts of time is important, it’s totally normal if they need a little bit of extra help. These calming plug-ins from Relaxivet diffuse pheromones and de-stressing lavender scents into the air that encourage relaxation in your pet. It reduces pet anxiety for travel, transportation and new environments – all situations you’ll encounter when RVing with cats. The diffuser lasts for 30 days, and you can purchase refills for the plugin after it runs out. This product has hundreds of rave reviews on Amazon and is an easy set-it-and-forget it method to calming your cat.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil for RVing with cats

Another relaxation method for pets that has grown in popularity in recent years is CBD or hemp oil. This maximum potency hemp oil can be given directly to your pet by mouth or mixed into its food before travel to help them feel more calm before travel. You’ll want to be sure you give them the proper dosage about an hour or so before travel so the effects of this all-natural supplement have time to kick in before you hit the road. RVing with cats is much easier when your cat feels relaxed and safe in its environment.

Cat Carrier

Cat carrier backpack for RV travel

On any trip with a pet, you’ll want to have a pet carrier on hand. This expandable pet carrier backpack is perfect for RVing with cats. It gives your cat a spacious spot to relax as you carry them to and from the RV. Most vets also recommend “crating” your pet in a moving vehicle so they don’t distract drivers or lose their footing as the rig moves. Placing this carrier in a secure spot inside your RV gives them a space to feel safe during travel. It can also expand to give them more room for movement.

If your cat is a true adventure cat, you can pop them in the backpack and take them on the trails with you so they can explore the Great Outdoors as well. It has a water bottle pocket and a treat pocket on the side so you can make sure kitty is hydrated and fed on your explorations.


Cat harness for RV travel


Every adventure cat needs a good harness to wear for exploring. If you plan to take your cat outside of your RV at any point during your travels, we recommend having a comfortable, high quality harness on hand. It may take your feline a bit of time to get used to wearing a harness, so you’ll want to introduce it to them early and often. Start by just having them wear it inside the house, then inside the RV. Then, start opening the doors of the RV while they’re on the harness. Most cats grow accustomed to the feeling of wearing the harness with a little care and patience, and they love having the freedom to investigate what’s outside the walls of the RV. RVing with cats becomes much more fun when you can take them with you when you explore.

Kitty Cabinet Door

Litter box door for cats in an RV

One of the most challenging parts of RVing with cats is deciding what to do with the litter box. While many RV owners just put the litter box in the bathroom or the shower and move it when they need to use the shower, there are some other more creative options as well. If you’re a DIY-er or an RV renovation enthusiast, this kitty cabinet door is a must. Choose an empty floor level cabinet in your rig to place the litter box inside of, and cut a piece out of the wood in the shape of this cat outline. Then, install the kitty cabinet door into the hole for a clean and polished look so your cat can easily climb in and out of the hidden litter box at will. This keeps the litter box out of sight, hides odors and cuts down on tracking litter.

If you want to take things up a notch, you can install your litter box into a portion of your RV’s basement. You’ll have to carve a hole into your rig’s flooring and install a homemade ramp down to the box, but the litter really is out of the way. Scoop or change the box by accessing it from the outdoor access to the basement. You will lose some storage space, but it keeps the litter as far away from your living space as possible – and gives your cat a little adventure of their own to find it.

Scent-free, Dust-free Litter

Clean litter for cats in an RV

With so little space in an RV, you want to be able to keep things as tidy and organized as possible. Litter that puts off an odor will fill the interior of your rig, and dusty litter can easily create a mess that’s difficult to clean. Our favorite litter for a clean, fresh experience RVing with cats is Boxie Pro Deep Clean, Scent Free Probiotic Clumping Clay Litter. The probiotics in this litter kill odor-causing and germ-spreading bacteria in litter boxes so it doesn’t smell or track bacteria around your rig. Many cat litter brands claim to be dust-free, but this one really lives up to its billing. The best part is that it’s a natural litter brand so you can rest easy that it isn’t spreading toxins around your traveling haven either. 

Cat looks out window of RV

Hitting the road in your RV with your cat

Whether you’ve been traveling with your cats for years or this is your first attempt, the items on this list will give you and your cats a better RVing experience. Your kitty will feel more calm, your rig will be cleaner, and you’ll be able to transport your pet safely and securely. With this, all you have to worry about is planning fun adventures for you and your cat!

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